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Sketch of Eleven whilst rewatching Stranger Things.

Sketch of Eleven whilst rewatching Stranger Things.

Early Night Open Thread

I return to work tomorrow morning, so now I’m just sitting back and digesting some spaghetti and wine from a get together with a recently retired co-worker. The vacation was short, I’ll be sure to put in for some more soon. Hopefully the drama has calmed down a bit since I’ve been away and I can just focus on doing my work.

So I leave you with this random badass video of a Wambogini pulling some goats in a trailer.

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Who’s That Pokemoron?!: Walking into rush hour traffic edition

Predictable. I knew after writing that Pokemon post yesterday that another stupid thing involving Pokemon Go would take place.

Autumn’s mother, Tracy Nolan, said the accident happened when her daughter had just finished playing the game and was attempting to cross the street.

Poor young Pokezombie. Of course the mother is blaming this on the game and not on lack of surroundings.

“Parents, don’t let your kids play this game because you don’t want to go through what I went through last night. I really thought I was losing my daughter,” Nolan said.

Or better yet, if your child or teen can’t keep their nose out of a phone long enough to see they’re about to walk into rush hour traffic let alone some other hazard, you should probably keep the damn phone away from them. While we’re at it how about we have a mandatory test that proves if someone is smart enough for a smartphone. 😛

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The (Awkwardly Awful) Dubbening!

Here’s that voice project I talked about not that long ago. The first (of a few) videos is done and ready to be viewed.

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The new Quake looks like it’s gonna be fun

I watched this video for it earlier, kinda reminds me a bit of Quake III Arena. It would be nice to see a current gen game with the same feel as Q3A.

Dammit Bethesda! Stop making me drool!

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Can’t wear a headscarf to work? Cosplay instead!

I’ve had some minor disputes with our own work attire (which has gotten a lot better these days) but this just takes the cake:

Yahoo reports that Rivas’ employer told her that “wearing her hair in a ponytail or donning a head scarf was unprofessional” (pictured, top), despite the unnamed company’s dress code simply stating that employee’s clothing needed to be “clean and pressed”.

When Rivas filed a harassment complaint over this, the boss responded by detailing the dress code to include the banning of “straps, hats, sandals, cleavage, back out, lace, and even “cultural head wraps”.

Cultural Headwraps? Oh the horror! Either way after she reported her boss to the EEOC she decided to use cosplay, it’s super effective!

I have to give her props, in her position I’d probably do the same thing.

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Pokemon Go and the Pokemorons of the apocalypse

The whole Pokemon Go thing has been quite fascinating to observe even if you’re not actively playing it. People have been wandering around all over the world looking for these digital creatures and in multiple circumstances getting into trouble, sometimes through their own ignorance or by some asshole wanting to cause discord. Like this one guy who got swatted during a twitch stream in the middle of a park. It isn’t in the following video but he does go on to talk about it not long after the swatting.

Then of course in fine murican tradition you have crimes being committed:

They approached a group of six people playing the game, threatened them at gunpoint and “demanded their possessions”. One of the Pokémon Go players, however, had a concealed weapons permit, pulled out his gun and a shootout ensued.

Both the adult suspect (back) and one of the Pokémon Go players (stomach) were shot in the exchange, with both being hospitalised. Both injuries are described as being “non-life threatening”.

But I think the funniest (saddest) one I’ve read so far is the warning in Bosnia:

An agency in Bosnia is pleading with Pokemon Go players to be more aware of their environment while hunting for virtual creatures, because distracted users have been unknowingly wandering into landmine-rich areas.

There’s more and more and more stories about this type of stuff throughout the world. Definitely provides interesting reading material in a sense. I’m not anti Pokemon Go, though I’ll never play it. I just find all these side effects to be rather intriguing. Human beings will go to great lengths to perform acts of stupidity on themselves or one another.

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Today’s moron brought to you by Texas Roadhouse

I’m not sure what it is about people who think they can say whatever the hell they want and not be held accountable for what foul words that were typed from their keyboards… Like, what compelled this person to post so openly something that anyone with half a brain would take to their manager?

Take, for example, the tale of a now-former waitress at a Texas Roadhouse restaurant in Colorado. Earlier this month, she vented through her since-shuttered Twitter account that “If we had a real life purge I would kill as many Mexicans as I could in one night,” followed by a hashtag expressing her apparent anger over tips.

Followed by:

For her part, the fired server has attempted to express her regret, via a statement posted on Facebook:

“I wrote hurtful, inconsiderate, insensitive and careless words and I understand the amount of people I have offended by that,” she explains. “There are no excuses for what I have done. I sincerely, from the bottom of my heart, apologize to everyone for my momentary lack of judgment. I want you all to know that I do not actually feel this way.”

Or to read between the lines:

“I wrote hurtful, inconsiderate, insensitive and careless words that I thought I would get away with if it weren’t for you meddling twitter followers, and I understand the amount of people I have offended by that,” “There are no excuses for what I have done. I sincerely, from the bottom of my heart, apologize to everyone for my momentary lack of judgment for not anonymously posting on 4chan. I want you all to know that I do not actually feel this way. I’m just saying this so I won’t end up a homeless racist bag of salted dicks.

I really don’t get the whole rise in this sort of behavior. I see kids talking like this, then I see adults like her and it confirms to me that people never truly grow up mentally. It all comes down to maturity or lack thereof.

Edit: I found another stupid ass story involving people using those special carts at Wal-Mart, thought I’d give it a dishonorable mention rather than make another thread about stupid for such a short subject:

• Sept. 2014: The Michigan shoplifter who managed to get a full two miles away from the store before being caught. Her explanation for taking the scooter? She “didn’t feel like walking.”

• Aug. 2014: The New Mexico man who was sent back to prison after driving a stolen Walmart scooter to his meeting with his probation officer. 

• July 2012: The Louisiana man charged with a DUI for driving a Walmart scooter down a public street with a blood-alcohol level nearly twice the legal limit. Oh yeah, he was also towing a friend seated in a wheelchair.

• Sept. 2011: The woman in upstate New York who “borrowed” a Walmart scooter for her personal use… for 11 days. 

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The Elgato has arrived!

I’ve been playing with my new capture card since yesterday, it came a few days early! I finally have it all dialed in.


The software isn’t that difficult to use, if you’re familiar to OBS there will be some similarities. I think the bigger problem I had was figuring out what inputs to use since I have multiple options, mainly trying to get mumble chat into the recordings. I finally perfected it tonight. Now I can simultaneously stream and record footage at the same time. Works perfectly for what I want. I’ve been testing it with all kinds of games. From Skyrim to TF2 to Hard Reset Redux to Solus Project, it handles it all without stealing any of my framerate so I can record/broadcast and enjoy my game at the same time. It was never really bad with Skyrim, but sometimes with the other games OBS was a little more demanding. That and I always had to choose between streaming and recording. While I could do both it would make me lag considerably even on good hardware.

It was nice running a UE4 game and doing a capture without worrying about a performance decrease. I think when Obduction comes out I’ll be able to capture my finest moments of stupidity in glorious 1080p 60FPS for all to cry at. 😀

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tic tac tic tac


Trollin’ Trollin’ Trollin’

Been awhile since I’ve had a troll wander into my presence. This was was so interesting I’ve decided to save the log to share with people persons.

2:29 PM – Hunter Black: Is your feet? Big,Medium or Small
2:29 PM – OverlordTomala: Huge
2:29 PM – Hunter Black: your fat?
2:29 PM – OverlordTomala: Nah my feet are pretty muscular
2:30 PM – Hunter Black: nice sexy
2:30 PM – Hunter Black: your ass is too?
2:30 PM – Avenger: lol
2:30 PM – OverlordTomala: My ass and feet don’t like meeting each other… My feet tend to find themselves in other peoples asses if they ask too many questions
2:31 PM – Hunter Black: oh
2:32 PM – Hunter Black: your feet will not fit in my mouth Tomala
2:32 PM – OverlordTomala: Well duh…
2:32 PM – OverlordTomala: If they’re alaready up your ass I can’t imagine anything fitting in there :v
2:32 PM – Hunter Black: there not
2:33 PM – OverlordTomala: I guess you would have to come up for air once in awhile.
2:34 PM – Hunter Black: put your feet in my mouth
2:34 PM – Hunter Black: lol
2:34 PM – OverlordTomala: You said they can’t fit
2:34 PM – OverlordTomala: I don’t believe in doing the impossible
2:35 PM – OverlordTomala: That’s the definition of insanity.
2:35 PM – Hunter Black: i never had a muscular feet in the mouth
2:35 PM – OverlordTomala: No but I’m sure you’ve had other things in your mouth
2:36 PM – ⒽⒸⒼ³ ℙaulieTex: hi Tom
2:36 PM – Hunter Black: nope just feet and ass
2:36 PM – OverlordTomala: Heya Peg
2:37 PM – OverlordTomala: What’s up
2:37 PM – Hunter Black: fuck ur ass
2:37 PM – OverlordTomala: Can’t. I don’t have the proper inputs.
2:38 PM – OverlordTomala: Go back to using your daddy’s fleshlight
2:39 PM – Hunter Black: fleshlight in your ass
2:39 PM – OverlordTomala: Think you have that backwards…
2:39 PM – Spud left chat.
2:40 PM – Hunter Black: you do that?
2:40 PM – OverlordTomala: Nah.
2:40 PM – OverlordTomala: I depend on people like you to beta test first
2:41 PM – Hunter Black: why
2:41 PM – OverlordTomala: And besides, a fleshlight would be wasted on me
2:41 PM – Kurii disconnected.
2:42 PM – Hunter Black: i would use my tounge on you first
2:42 PM – OverlordTomala: As toilet paper? Nah thanks.
2:42 PM – OverlordTomala: I don’t like anything rough
2:42 PM – Shae’era left chat.
2:43 PM – Hunter Black: u don’t want ur ass rim?
2:43 PM – OverlordTomala: I use Skyrim for that
2:43 PM – OverlordTomala: How old are you?
2:44 PM – Hunter Black: 21
2:44 PM – OverlordTomala: Ah, 12 year old reversed.
2:44 PM – Hunter Black: how old are you?
2:45 PM – OverlordTomala: Old enough to know you’re not 21 :v
2:45 PM – Hunter Black: I’ll fuck you
2:45 PM – OverlordTomala: Again… That’s what the fleshlight is for, ya numnutz
2:46 PM – Hunter Black: fleshlight is for to tight ur ass more and then your ass gets loose from my dick
2:47 PM – OverlordTomala: You don’t even know how to use a fleshlight? Fuck, that’s what most basement dwellers know secondhand.
2:47 PM – OverlordTomala: Firsthand being what they jerkoff with. :v
2:47 PM – Hunter Black: i can use that on you
2:48 PM – OverlordTomala: Not really.
2:48 PM – Hunter Black: i will
2:48 PM – OverlordTomala: Good luck with that. :v
2:49 PM – OverlordTomala: I doubt your mom will even let you leave the curb
2:49 PM – Hunter Black: thanks it will be fun
2:49 PM – OverlordTomala: You’re starting to bore me… Do you have anything else to say?
2:49 PM – Hunter Black: nope
2:49 PM – OverlordTomala: k
2:49 PM – Hunter Black was kicked by OverlordTomala.
2:50 PM – OverlordTomala: Been awhile since I’ve had anyone that interesting… lol
2:51 PM – OverlordTomala: hahahaha he left the group
2:51 PM – Avenger: gg

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In other news I can still hold on somewhat in L4D2

Having time to myself = doing things that I haven’t been able to do in a long time. Today/Tonight I played a bit of L4D2 and somehow managed to survive it on Advanced mode, we all only died once! I also decided to configure L4D2’s Steam Controller config for whenever I feel like playing away from the desktop. It has a good set now, the average configuration felt too weird to me. I like jumping with the right grip which was already assigned to voice chat. So I swapped it around the X Button. Shouldn’t matter too much since I mainly use mumble for voice, but on the off chance someone is using the in game voice I’ll be able to chat with the press of a button.

I forgot how not vanilla my game was. I must have like 60 different mods for it? Not a big surprise since I used to review that stuff. Not sure I’ll go back to doing review type videos since so many already do so, but I still want to make videos in general. Dedicating to one style doesn’t seem to be possible for me right now. I guess it depends on the materials I’m recording.

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Art dump of some recent stuff.

Art dump of some recent stuff.

Vacation 2016 begins nao.

I’m officially on vacation now. Time to put my thoughts about work aside and do the things that I like to do, and remain as carefree as possible. On Sunday I have company coming from out of town to look forward to, and an outing with another friend on Wednesday. Tomorrow I’ll be getting my hair trimmed and done entirely in purple just to mix things up a bit.

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First episode of Life is Strange is now free!


If you ever wanted to check out Life is Strange the first episode has been made free. It’s a story based game where your choices can leave an impact later on in the game. I’ve made it to episode 3 so far. Now what I would normally play but a nice game to play when you want to relax. And the feels, my god the feels…

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Need a third post.

Because of reasons.

Obduction gets delayed… again


In case someone out there hasn’t heard Obduction has been delayed yet again for further polishing and bug stomping. Not that it bothers me, as I’ve mentioned before and as self evident as it is I’m not exactly bored. If anything I feel almost sorry for people who took vacation time specifically to play this game, only to find out that it won’t be released. Which in all honesty is a pretty silly thing to do in the first place. Or for that matter people who only play games released by Cyan. Talk about a limited selection.

On a brighter note when the game DOES finally get released I’ll be able to capture it in all its glory with my new capture card coming in the mail. Might have to do a livestream, when I get around to it of course. 😀

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Paper People & Registration Deadline

Greetings All

We are officially opening Paper People submissions as of today. If you can’t make it to Mysterium, but want to be there in spirit, you can come in the form of a picture. Send a picture of  whatever represents you (yourself, your avatar, etc) to Please also let us know in the text of the email what your preferred name is. Submissions must be made by next Thursday, July 28th. We know that’s not a lot of time, and we apologize for the short notice.

We had some issues last year with submitted content. Please only submit an image. Don’t advertise your website or online store or the like in text in the image, or we won’t be able to include it.

Registration Deadline

If you haven’t pre-registered yet, time is running out! Online registration is available until next Monday, July 25th. You can register here: While you’re there, we have 3 spots left for the “Curse of the Pharaoh’s Tomb” escape room on Saturday night. Grab ‘em before they’re gone!

Mysterium 2016 PR Bah’ro

The beatings will continue until morale improves.

I know I haven’t written much. I still haven’t been feeling completely up to it because of some things that I’ve had on my mind. I’ve been drowning the better part of my afternoons in hobbies trying to ignore the work drama. It’s summertime and they’ve been cutting hours practically down to the bone marrow. I’ve been having to come in an hour later which so far hasn’t had a huge impact on me, fortunately most of my loads have been pretty light, or I’ve been fast enough to move it off the floor before the store opens while doing my other morning duties. People who have been there longer than me are being made to be on call or laid off, and one person that I work with is threatening to quit because they don’t want to work for an unfair company… Heh, good luck. That’s most companies in America.

I’ve been relatively quiet for the most part, the changes are weird but I’m trying to adapt. It hasn’t been too horrible for me, although I’d prefer more people around. Customers are getting pissed that there aren’t enough of us to help them, which is understandable since for the most part there have been only two people lately. Hell I heard the other day that everyone who worked didn’t take any breaks or lunches because they were so busy. I don’t know if that’s true or not, though if it is I can see it happening. Hell sometimes it’s hard for me to leave at the end of the day because people keep asking for help even though it’s more than obvious that I’m leaving. They don’t care, they want someone to help them… and we’re providing less of it. And I’ve been hearing “Is there someone else besides you here?” quite a lot lately when I’m already with someone. But complaining to the higher up’s will only do fuckall, so I might as well grab some popcorn and watch Rome burn, even if I’m sitting right in the middle of it with everyone else.

I only have two more days of this before I take my time off. I really need to get my brain away from this shit and into something more positive… Like enough margaritas to tranquilize an elephant.

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tac tac tac …